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Blakely Borough was created in 1867. It was one of
the first subdivisions carved out of Blakely Township - a
large land area which once encompassed all of the
Lackawanna Valley north of Scranton up to and
including Carbondale. Blakely was named after Captain
Jonathon Blakely, who commanded the American
sloop “Wasp” against the British sloop “Avon” in 1814
on Lake Erie. The anchor from “Wasp” is on display at
Blakely Corners.

As early as 1795, settlers in Blakely cleared timber
and farmed the land in the lush Lackawanna River
Valley. After the discovery of anthracite coal, thousands
of tons of our nation’s finest anthracite were mined in
the borough. During the latter eighteen and nineteen
hundreds, many women and men from Blakely worked
in local silk mills and dress factories. The borough was
the home of grist and feed mills, ice cream
manufactures, harness, blacksmith, and clothing shops,
tailors, and two early movie theatres. Although most of
these early businesses are now closed, Blakely Borough
has a thriving business community with many new
restaurants and shops located nearby.


Blakely Borough Building circa 1967


Blakely Borough Building circa 2015