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Refuse & Recycling

REFUSE & recycling

Download our map to see which zone you are in.

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Trash, Recycling, and Yard Waste is to be put out 24 hours before your scheduled pick up day.

Yard Waste - Large brown bags/bins:

• Leaves

• Branches in 4 foot lengths and tied

• Brush

• Grass Clippings

• Plants

• Flowers

Christmas Trees collected in January



Payment for refuse collected January 1st - May 31th.
$200/year Cash, Check, or Money Order only

Payments can be made during the allotted collection period.

Late fee: $50 ($200 Payments postmarked after May 31 will not be accepted and will be returned via US Mail.)


6 Cubic Yard Dumpsters are available from the borough for $200 per dump and there is a one week time limit unless authorized by borough management.

None of these items may be placed in dumpsters:

Roof Shingles




Cinder Blocks







                       WHY SHOULD WE RECYCLE?


Recycling Conserves Natural Resources


We conserve aluminum, steel, trees, oil and other fossil fuels when we recycle.


Recycling Saves Energy


According to the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), recycling paper cuts energy usage in half. Every pound of steel recycled saves 5,450 BTUs of energy, enough to light a 15 watt compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) for over 100 hours. Recycling a ton of glass saves the equivalent of nine gallons of fuel oil.


 Recycling Reduces Pollution


That means fewer health problems and less acid rain, smog, and air pollution. Recycling used aluminum cans requires only about five percent of the energy needed to produce aluminum from bauxite ore. Recycling just one can saves enough electricity to light a 25 watt CFL bulb for 14 hours. Recycling is a very important and simple way to reduce the effects of climate change.


Recycling Reduces Litter


Recycling reduces litter from plastic bottles and aluminum cans that are often thrown along our roadside. These items belong in the recycling bin not tossed from car windows.


Recycling Produces Jobs


Thousands of people across Pennsylvania are employed in the recycling industry manufacturing new items from our recyclables, items such as carpets, plastic lumber, clothing and all sorts of metal products. Our plastic bottles are re-made into polyester clothing and fleece jackets. Leaves and yard waste are turned into valuable mulch and compost. Your car, bicycle or lawn chair may have been an aluminum can in its past life!


Recycling is the LAW


Anyone living or working in a municipality the size of Blakely Borough are required to recycle at home and at their business or workplace. This includes homeowners, schools, and large and small businesses and offices. Any business must report to the borough each year on the types and amounts of recyclables they generate.


Recycling Saves Money for the municipality and this saves you money too on trash collection fees. It is less expensive to recycle than to pay landfill tipping fees.


Recycling has been the law in Blakely Borough and in Pennsylvania since 1988. It’s just the RIGHT thing to do.


Recycling makes our trash and discarded items into a Renewable Resource

Blakely Borough Refuse & Recycling Vehicles

Blakely Borough will no longer accept these items for garbage pickup.










Battery Backups


Blakely Borough will pickup large items only if a sticker has been affixed to them.

Sticker Price - $1.75 (Large furniture, mattresses, and small appliances.)  $5.00 (Large appliances and Air Conditioners.) 

Accepted recycling products:

Blue Round Containers:

• Plastic bottles, jars, and tubs including soda, juice, milk, water, detergent, shampoo, yogurt, butter, margarine.

• Rinse and remove tops, mix together in blue bin.

• Glass bottles and jars including clear, brown, and green glass from food and beverages.

• Rinse and throw away lids. Do not crush or break glass.

• Aluminum and steel cans and foil containers, from soda, soups, canned vegetables, aluminum pie tins.

Green Square Bins:

• All paper products, including newspapers, magazines, catalogs, phone books, writing and school papers, envelopes, unwanted mail

• Chipboard, such as cereal boxes, tissue boxes, and other flat cardboard.

 Flatten before putting in bin.

 Did you know we also recycle old PHONE BOOKS

Corrugated Cardboard:

• Includes all large brown boxes with two layers.

• Flatten and place along curb with other recycling. Does not go in either bin.


               Business, Office and School (Commercial) Recycling


 Even though commercial recycling has been mandatory in Blakely Borough for over 25 years, many still do not know what is required under Pennsylvania law.




All businesses and institutions in Blakely Borough such as schools, nursing homes, medical facilities, offices, and stores are required by state law to recycle at least three items including cardboard, office paper, and aluminum cans along with leaves and yard waste. These items can be recycled by a private hauler, by the borough, or taken to a recycling center on your own.




According to PA State Law (Act 101 of 1988) and Blakely Borough Ordinance, all commercial generators, including businesses and institutions, must report to the borough each year on the amount of recyclables generated during the previous year. Letters and reporting forms are sent out in January. Each commercial generator must request weight slips from the hauler or recycling center (unless collected by Blakely Borough) to document the amount recycled. These should be reported to the borough during the first quarter of each year.  This is a requirement under Pennsylvania law. The borough will then report tonnages (not customer names) to the County to determine the Commonwealth’s recycling rate and what items are being recycled throughout the State.




In most Pennsylvania communities, over half of all trash and recyclables are generated by businesses and institutions so it is very important that they comply with the law. Recycling has been mandatory in the borough for over 25 years. It’s easy to do, and there are now many places to take recyclables, and many haulers to collect them. Any business or institution which needs assistance on setting up a recycling program or in filling out the required paperwork should contact the borough for assistance.