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Permit Information

General Permit Information

The Borough of Blakely requires permits for the following items:

Blacktop of any type (Sidewalk, Driveway, etc...)
Concrete/Masonry of any type (stone, brick, block, etc...)
Remodeling of any type (Windows, Doors, Sheetrock, etc...)
Electrical (New service, upgrading service, etc...)
New Construction/New Additions/Sheds/Fencing/Gazebos/Pavilions
Demolition of existing structures
Above ground and In-ground swimming pools

Permits may be required for other work being completed within the borough, please contact the borough office before starting work at 570-383-3343.

Blakely Borough Permit Rates for Non-Inspection Permits

Job Cost

$0-$500                                     $25
$501-$1,000                           $30
$1,001-$2,000                       $40
$2,001-$10,000                    $50
$10,001-$15,000                 $60
$15,001-$20,000                 $80

Over $20,001 - $80 plus $4 per thousand

A certificate of insurance or worker's compensation affidavit required.
A Sketch Plan of the job may be required.

Blakely Borough Non-Inspection Permit Application