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Training Page

THURSDAY, MARCH 11 FROM 9 AM EST TO 12 PM EST                
    At the bottom of every page
    If you forget your password, you can always reset it

Help Page / Revize Support: Available on every page!
    Content Editor Guide

Admin Panel 
    File Manager

Adding Content & Links
    Link to another “existing”  webpage
        External (to another website)
        Internal (on your site)
        Email link: Chris can be reached here:
            Be consistent with your style across the site
        Phone link: 570-383-3343
    (Link to an Anchor)
    Link to a Document
    Link to New Page

Adding Images 
    Find mages in the File Manager or upload
    You can crop images without affecting the original image file
    Be consistent with alignment and border/spacing across your site
    ADA Compliance
        Only where there’s text around the image, not where the image is “decorative” (decision tree)
        Alt description: 
            ~4 words or less (ADA readers spend a short, set amount of time on each caption)
            Be as general as possible
            Avoid acronyms, proper names, and numbers
            If the image has text on it, describe as “pamphlet”, “logo”, whatever the item is

Adding Youtube Videos

    Not best practice to include a link straight to Youtube; better to embed the video

Left Navigations/Menu Manager
    Creating pages
        Carry over parent page navigations
    Carry over flyouts as new left navigation
    Rearranging Pages
    Menu Legend
    Deleting Pages (BE CAREFUL -- you can always just hide it)

Editing the Top Navigations
    Similar to editing page side navigation
    Only available to Admins
    Best practice is to keep it to one row

*** 10 MINUTE BREAK ***

Page Editing Panel                                                                                              
    Save  vs Save as Draft (Preview) 
    History: you can always go back as long as you save

    Indicates website hierarchy, is clickable


    Change to FAQ in the module dropdown on edit page
    Add new categories and items as needed and fill them in
    Can be used for other functions, like as a staff or building directory

Document Center
    Use the Document Center module in the dropdown
    Fill sections in and upload files to the file center as needed.
Photo Gallery
    Check off the add photo gallery box in the editor
    Click edit photos, add photo
    You must use the "caption" field for the ADA caption
    Just add a link for a video
        Videos must also have a photo thumbnail or they won't show up

Creating Online Forms
    Use the form button in the third row 
    Make a Custom Park Reservation Form
        Fill in properties FIRST to set up the email on the back end
        Drag and drop or click to choose the type of question in the form
        “Label” is what the person using the form sees the question
    “Name” is how the person who receives the email sees the question
    When inputting multiple choice:
        the left side is what the user sees 
        the right side is what you see
    DO NOT hit “close” in the bottom right of the panel unless you are willing to abandon all your progress. This is like x-ing out of a word doc without saving.
    Citizens Request Center
        Autopopulates the form
        Specify different emails for different departments

Editing the Banner Image 


Creating Calendar Events
    Calendar events are prioritized by date
    Recurring calendar events
    Linking files or pages to calendar events
Creating News Events

Edit Slider

Edit Socials
    Direct link. If you empty the field and it grays out, the icon will not show up.

Edit Alert Banner
    If you leave the "page content" field empty, the banner will no longer be clickable, nor the page accessible

Edit Welcome Area

Editing Global Styles
    Change default banner image
    Change colors, text styles, & slider heights


Admin: Using the Back End
    Good place to work on pages that aren’t ready
    Where you can make hidden pages
Admin: Handing the keys over
    Creating Accounts: permissions in the admin panel
    Assigning users 
    Assigning roles to users
        Admins: universal access
            Restricted to certain sections of the site hierarchy
            Some powers restricted

Note:   Some options are not enabled until the site is LIVE such as “Facebook Integration”, “enotify”, “save-as-draft'”, “Search”